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There’s no better way to escape the stress of your everyday life, than by becoming an instant millionaire. Taking part in the weekly lottery draws often brings about a sense of calm (mixed with a fair amount of excitement), because you’ve just realized that you’re one step closer to hitting that dream jackpot prize win. Playing the lottery could be your chance to have the opportunity to travel the world and create new adventures with every stop. Thanks to your jackpot win, envying the lifestyles of the rich and famous will soon be a thing of the past! understands the keen sense of excitement that comes with playing the lottery, and it is because of this that South African Lottery players will now be able to view all the most recent news, winning stories, and of course results! SA Lottery Result has all the low-down on all things SA Lottery related so you won’t have to worry about being left in the dark anymore with all the information about the national games just a  mere click away! Enjoy the massive and satisfying SA Powerball results draw every Tuesday and Friday evenings. The SA Powerball Results may be viewed live on eTV. Alternatively, check with us to see how successful your Powerball campaign was.

The SA Lotto, as well as the Lotto Plus draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday evening, with the live draws being broadcast on SABC channels. Twice a week and extra winning from SA Lotto Plus is good news for you, as it directly equates to double the opportunity to win big! To be certain that your entry will count in the upcoming draw, don’t forget to play your lottery winning numbers at least thirty minutes prior to the scheduled draw.

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